davenew1-500x625David Sweeney is a lawyer and public policy expert with extensive experience gained in London, Brussels, Dublin, Los Angeles and Washington DC. He represents governments, industry, artists, publishers, developers, writers and performers in negotiation, hearings and litigation at national and international level. As a result David has developed a wide range of contacts with key decision makers in the European Union and in the United States as well as within the international media and entertainment sectors.

Over the past twenty years, in senior legal and public policy roles at Universal Music, Universal Studios, Vivendi, Canal +, Warner Music, the Motion Picture Association (MPAA) the International Record Industry Federation (IFPI) and the European Video Game Federation (ISFE), David has worked for, or negotiated with, the major media companies in Europe and the United States and is recognised as an expert on public policy, licensing and administration of rights by the video game, music, television and film industries. He was responsible for worldwide rights management at IFPI and MPAA.

For over ten years David has advised the top multinational games publishers and game console manufacturers on EU legal, licensing, public policy, funding, privacy and trade issues as well as providing related advice to all the national industry trade associations in all major European and North American game industry markets. As a result he has a unique perspective on the interaction between law and new technology based on the wide variety of new business models developed by the most innovative and successful part of the entertainment industry – video games. David has helped clients prepare for IP-related litigation in high level courts including the Court of Justice of the European Union. As Senior Counsel to PEGI the innovative international rating system for games and apps, David has been responsible for drafting the key terms of the code of conduct and contracts on which the system is based and for adapting PEGI in line with new technology and business models leading to the introduction of PEGI Online, PEGI Express, PEGI for Apps and IARC. David also provides advice to Irish companies, both big and small individually as CEO and co-founder of Games Ireland.

David has extensive experience in the cinema and television sector. He has also represented a range of different clients at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva and also at the world domain name registration organisation ICANN.



sweeneyconsult3bPatrick Goodliffe has extensive knowledge of law and regulation relating to the video game, music and technology industries. He is experienced in advocacy, regulation, rights management, licensing and data protection with a comprehensive knowledge of current trends and innovative financing models as they apply to the video games industry. Patrick anticipates and provides services to video game studios in problem areas relating to intangible property in virtual worlds, the legal classification of video games and compliance with consumer rights law.

Whilst studying at Trinity College Dublin Patrick specialised in intellectual property law. As auditor, chairman and treasurer of the Trinity College Orchestra Patrick oversaw the orchestra’s maintenance of a significant online presence through astute use of social media and the production of music videos, steering the orchestra to develop a working business relationship with some of the largest music production companies in Ireland and the UK. He also managed all legal affairs aspects of the orchestra’s activities including contractual relationships, rights management and clearance and the giving of instructions to outside counsel.



sweeneyconsult3cAndrew has been working as a game designer, producer and entrepreneur since 2008. During this time he has designed and marketed games,successfully secured investment capital, hired and managed development teams and worked on projects with globally recognised companies such as Lego, Hasbro, Thrustmaster, Ubisoft and Disney.

He has a thorough understanding of the whole pipeline of game development and the business of games and is an expert in the free to play genre. Most recently Andrew has worked for leading social games company Megazebra in Germany as a producer and product manager. His latest venture capital funded company, Sugra Games, will soon be releasing their first game for the free to play mobile market.



Background photo courtesy of David Blaikie,licensed under Creative Commons