Andrew is a seasoned producer, designer and entrepreneur in the games and software development industry. He has been leading teams and designing VR experiences, mobile games, apps, educational software, browser games, toys and technology products since 2007. He has worked on projects for industry leading entertainment companies such as Ubisoft, Lego, Hasbro, Disney and international brands such as Toy Story, The Transformers, NCIS and Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

In his current role as Product Owner and designer for Immersive VR Education, he is responsible for managing a team developing a revolutionary virtual reality education and training platform called ENGAGE. He has also contributed as a designer to several other VR titles, including Titanic VR, Apollo 11 (Oculus Quest) and Raid on the Ruhr.

An award winning designer and entrepreneur, Andrew is very experienced in the operation of games & software development businesses and has a deep understanding of the competitive market place. He has been a founder of several companies, securing investment from private and public investors to successfully develop and publish products to the market. He has created several original brands and entertainment properties and invented patented technology.