Video Games

The video game industry is the most dynamic part of today’s entertainment sector and continually adapts and reinvents itself to meet the demands of the global market. A unique mixture of creativity, technology, interactivity and fun gives it a head start on the competition. Sweeney Consulting has unparalleled expertise in video games. For nearly twenty years we have provided clarification, certainty and peace of mind to the major international game companies involved in the development, publication and distribution of video games on an ever-evolving series of platforms from PC and console to mobile to cloud.

We can provide clear and up to date advice for game industry clients in the following areas:

  • Acquisition, Management, Protection, Licensing and Online distribution of IP
  • Games and Health
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • In App and Game Purchases and Micro-transactions
  • TOS, EULAs and related property issues
  • EU and National Regulation of the Internet
  • eSports
  • Research and Development and other incentives available at EU and national level
  • Ownership and Licensing of virtual currency, land and UGC
  • Tax
  • Competition/Anti-Trust Law
  • Employment Agreements
  • Management of and Participation in Trade Associations and Coalitions