Movies, Television & Music

The media and entertainment industry is going through a turbulent period resulting from rapid advances in technology and an uncertain market for investment. Television, music, film, video games and publishing businesses are all affected.

With twenty years experience in legal and business affairs at the highest levels of the media sector, (video games, film, music, publishing, broadcasting, telco) Sweeney Consulting can help you understand how the industry functions today including in depth knowledge of all the new business, contractual and investment models that are in continuous development; apps, freemium and premium, free-to-play, kickstarter, streaming of games, music and video, e-books, pledge music, ‘360’ deals, product placement, software licensing and sale.

Out team has special expertise at the cutting edge of the entertainment sector, the video games industry, with extensive experience of sector-related subjects such as the cloud, big data, analytics, large scale infrastructure, iOS & Android, new platforms, content rating etc.

Sweeney Consulting can explain how the media industry relates to national governments and the EU and detail the positions it takes on international trade. We have extensive knowledge of the contractual and licensing agreements that govern the business relationships between the many players in the industry especially the mcreators; writers, game developers, software developers, actors, musicians and film directors.

We can help you understand and adapt to this legal and technological change using our extensive experience and expertise, together with a proven track record in lobbying and public affairs.