Tony Kelly

Tony Kelly is the former CEO of online technology success story, Demonware (Activision-Blizzard) – the online services provider behind some of the largest videogame brands in the world.

He has been involved in technology for 25+ years in multinationals, start-ups & scale-ups. Products he has worked on have won 40+ national & international awards, including BAFTAs & an award from the United Nations. In addition to credits on 100+ videogames, he has planned, designed & delivered products & services on multiple platforms in media, fintech, cloud & infrastructure, big data, blockchain, chatbots, automation, elearning, ecommerce & esports.

During his time at Demonware and as VP of Online at Activision, Kelly later helped architect Activision-Blizzard’s online, ecommerce & business intelligence strategy – as well as bringing the Call of Duty franchise to China. During this same period he took DemonWare from a $1.5M per year cost centre to a ~$1Bn per year generating profit centre.

He has deployed high performance, high uptime services at internet-scale (600M+ users) – and was also the infrastructure & cloud subject matter expert on Activision’s senior leadership team. In addition to sitting on the M&A committee there he has had a number of successful exits as an angel investor, selling companies to Sophos & Amazon – and frequently advises VCs and mentors a number of startups in media, games and fintech.

Tony has experience working in regulated sectors – PII, PCI, GDPR, COPPA – and has consulted at both national & EU level on privacy & data protection, IAP/micro-transactions, open source, esports, online gambling & cyber security among others.